Travel Diaries: The cutest Mad Hatter-themed Afternoon Tea in London


When you go to London as an American, the one thing you feel like you have to do (at least for me), is experience a true Afternoon Tea. It was one of the few things that we had on our list for the UK, other than visiting one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and seeing Buckingham Palace.

We chose the Mad Hatter Tea at the Sanderson Hotel. An Alice in Wonderland themed experience that pulls out all the quirky stops. From a teapot wearing a crown to potions included with your tiny tea sandwiches, there’s a special touch to every aspect of the experience.

The Sanderson Hotel is an Instagram influencers haven, really. With billowing floral arrangements falling from the ceiling, plenty of strange decor, and a Mad Hatter theme running throughout the restaurant… it’s no wonder when you search it there’s an influencer posing in front of every little thing.

My advice? Skip the poses and go right for your tea. There are plenty of cute (and delicious) things to take a photo of while you enjoy a historic past time in London. Rather than tell you every little detail, take a look at my photos below and make sure to stop by should you ever find yourself a tourist in London.

Take a look and let me know what Afternoon Tea you’ve done? Any suggestions for future London trips?