How to change your life in one simple step

If you’re wondering how to change your life, you probably already follow a million inspirational bloggers and Insta-famous influencers. There are so many guides to changing your life and living your dreams that it’s hard to keep up on every tip and trick.

Honestly, these days you can’t go on Instagram without seeing some rags to riches story about someone who has 5 tips on how you can be like them. What’s even more prevalent, is the reasoning behind this. There are so many people out there that are unhappy with their situation.

I’m not a guru nor am I wildly successful but the one thing that has worked for me is just doing it.
Taking the leap.

Making the jump.

Abandoning my own self doubt and preconceived ideas about what life is supposed to be and just doing what feels right for me, myself, and I.

Too often people place boundaries around their own lives. They put ideas in their head about what they can and can’t do. What they should or shouldn't do. What does and does not make sense.

Truthfully, anything can make sense if you work hard at it. Even the people on Instagram and in the blogosphere work hard to be where they are. There’s no magic trick to suddenly living a happy life or stumbling into uber-success. The trick is to figure out what, fundamentally, is going to make you happy and do that.

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So often I hear people complain about their situation in a loop. It’s always the same complaints, always the same fears, always the same frustrations with life around them. Sometimes, these complaints have seemingly logical solutions, but despite the logic behind them, people can be very fearful of making a change.

Here’s the real secret to making yourself happy. It means changing some part of your life, sometimes in small ways and other times in large ways.  The thing is if you’re not willing to make a change for your own happiness you are never going to achieve it. More than that, if you’re not willing to make changes maybe that thing you think will make you happy really isn’t going to.

Because if you knew happiness was just a few small life changes away, wouldn’t you go for it? Wouldn’t you jump in head first, heart pounding, blood racing? I would, for the things I know will make my life better, and so should you.

I will forever preach to the power of sitting down and word vomiting on a page. Do it in your notes on your iPhone, open up a word document, or write it down in a notebook. Spill all your secrets on to a page and see what really makes you tick. Get to know the little and big moments in life that have brought you happiness.

From there, decide what needs to change so you can experience that every day. We can all sit around reading every self-help book ever published, collecting inspiring quotes and recharging our crystals in the moonlight, but nothing is going to change unless you take active steps to do it.

I’ve done this, more times than I can count, sometimes chasing after goals I thought I wanted but ended up not aligning with who I really am. I’ve broke-ass moved across the country multiple times in search of my own happiness.

Then one time it paid off was when I took a few months to reflect and work through the things in life that made made happy. I made it a priority. I joined a group of friends and we worked through our boundaries and roadblocks, and honestly talked about what brought us joy.

It seemed that as soon as I knew what I wanted out of life little pieces and opportunities began to fall into place. It was putting my vision together that finally made the reality of it possible.

It was my dedication to getting to know myself better and my desire to live happier that changed my life.

It wasn’t having more money or friends or being in a relationship that suddenly shifted my life in the right direction. It was me. It was my dedication to getting to know myself better and my desire to live happier that changed my life.

I will never tell you not to read those inspiring quotes. I read them daily because I think it’s important to stay connected to positivity. But I will say that reading them isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t take action.

If you can think of one thing this week that would make you happy and make the decision to act on it, I promise you, you’ll feel better.

Don’t let your fear of stepping into the unknown hold you back. I’ve done it many times, I haven’t always been successful, but I’ve always found a way to push through and come out right end up.

The best thing you can do for yourself is be fearless in the face of change and walk into the unkown with a positive mind.

The best thing you can do for yourself is be fearless in the face of change and walk into the unknown with a positive mind. If you start to feel the creep of negativity (this literally happens to all of us so it is not a failure), then open up that inspiring quote, read a book, talk to a friend, or remind yourself that whatever comes you will kick its ass.

To change your life is to quite literally change it. That’s why “change” is in the phrase. So find what makes you happy and unapologetically chase after it.