New York City's Casa Mezcal is the Mezcal bar you've been waiting for


It’s no secret by now that I love any excuse to explore New York City. This past week, my younger sister came into town, which gave me the opportunity to check some of the best Mezcaleria’s in the city.

Mezcal is still new to me. With my sisters help, I get the opportunity to learn more about the smokey alcohol. A tequlia and mezcal lover herself, she has a lot of wisdom to impart, which was part of the reason I wanted to take her out to some of the hot spots.

I already knew Maya Mezcal was going to be on the list, but I was looking for new spots I hadn’t already been to as well. Enter Casa Mezcal.

One of the most adorable bars on the Lower East Side, Casa Mezcal is a kitschy little spot that packs a whole lot of hospitality. From the hosts to the bartenders, everyone who works there is helpful and looking to guide you on the best mezcal tasting possible. The flowers at the entrance way and the teal covered everything beneath dim lighting, make you want to stick around forever. And we practically did.

My sister was all questions and the bartender was happy to help out. He even suggested a mezcal neither of us had tried before (and it ended up being really good). Not only that, but they have a selection of bottled Mexican beer that rivals most other spots in the city.

But the best part? Casa Mezcal has a happy hour every weekday from 4 to 7. Mezcal cocktails, beers, and more are on the menu which means you can taste while saving a little cash money.

I’d say the fact that we hung out for almost two hours is a great sign that we were having a good time. However, another reason I’m so in love with this spot was their ability to track down my wallet when my tipsy mezcal brain left it behind. I called 45 minutes later and they held onto it until I could make it back.

I’m telling you, hospitality is everything. Take a look at some of the photos below.