Best Restaurants in NYC: Bottino in West Chelsea

If you're looking for one of the best restaurants in NYC, and are in the mood for some great Tuscan Italian food, take a trip to midtown west and eat at Bottino. 

Bottino, situated in the heart of West Chelsea, is a beautifully intimate Tuscan restaurant that has been a staple in the area since 1997. While some restaurants drag their feet as times change, Bottino fits just as well into this new generation of dining as I'm sure it did back in the 90's. From the intimate dining room to the stunning outdoor garden, there's an area of this restaurant for every type of party. 

I've been living in West Chelsea for almost a year now and have passed by this spot on my way to other, slightly more affordable (for my budget, anyway), spots in the neighborhood. But I always knew that I wanted to try it. Enter Blackboard Eats, one of the go-to apps for finding great deals on buzz-worthy restaurants. 

When my neighborhood Bottino popped up on one of their deals I quickly grabbed my code and made a reservation. Needless to say, it's been around over 20 years for a reason.

best restaurants in nyc bottino

We started with a shared appetizer of the BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO. The reason this Bruschette is much talked about is the doughy and light Tuscan bread that brings it all together. Blackboard Eats had suggested this and it's pretty clear they know what they're talking about. This is probably one of the best bruschetta's I've ever had. 

For the entrees we couldn't decide between the ORECCHIETTE CON CINGHIALE or FETTUCCINE ALL’ARAGOSTA, so we opted to get both of them and share. It was, as you can imagine, a great decision. 

best restaurants in nyc bottino

I was definitely a bigger fan of the Fettuccine, topped with Lobster and a light, fresh sauce, which hits the spot if you're looking for a pasta dish that's on the lighter side. But the Orecchiette, with it's bore sausage (a first for me) was a little more hearty. Both dishes, however, left us incredible full and impressed with the meal.

best restaurants in nyc bottino

Though apparently not full enough to skip dessert. When we were told they had a chocolate tart on the menu all bets were off. We couldn't resist. We jumped in without a second thought and devoured this little slice of heaven on top of a crumbling and perfectly backed crust. Be warned, dessert changes regularly, so you may not have the option to get a tart. But if you do, take it. 

best restaurants in nyc bottino

I'll also say that the wine selection is large and there is a little something for every price point. We went with a bottle of the BELIAL SANGIOVESE which landed us somewhere in the $42 dollar range. 

Overall, the entire meal was amazing and I found myself going back a few days later for their happy hour (another great deal if you happen to be in the area).

Depending on your budget, the restaurant can be on the pricy side, but it's a price that's well worth it. If you can go with a group and share a few dishes, in order to get a little taste of everything, you won't be sorry. 

One last word of advice? Make a reservation. Bottino is still a happening place 20 years later and the last thing you want to do is wait for a table surrounded by the smell of their incredible pasta dishes. 

best restaurants in nyc bottino