The Eats: A contemporary take on Southern cuisine from New Orlean's Coquette

One of the best experiences from my trip to New Orleans was heading outside of the French Quarter for dinner at Coquette. The restaurant, situated  a quick 5 to 10 minute drive from the Quarter, is a beautifully rustic two story location with an undeniably elegant ambiance. The contemporary southern cuisine is locally sourced and made with love. In fact, you can taste the love in every bite. 

This was one of our group dinners, five of us around the table to begin our night out with a five course tasting menu. The tasting menu changes based on what is currently available and what the chef is feeling that night. As they take the order, the inquire about any allergies so that the meal can be curated to the group itself, rather than just for a mass of individuals. 

I've done tasting menus before, but Coquette makes it a truly exceptional, 2+ hour experience that I won't ever forget. Each dish has a unbeatable mix of meat and fish, mixed with vibrant fresh veggies, everything cooked to perfection. The menu, unfortunately, wasn't written in stone (or on paper). So, I have neither tasting notes or hard descriptions of any of the dishes. However, I did have the sanity to take a few photos of some of my favorite dishes. A blessing both because of how beautiful they were, and because I never want to forget how great this meal was. 

If you're looking for a distinct and unique New Orleans experience that allows you to explore a different side of the city, I definitely suggest Coquette. More than that, I suggest the tasting menu and wine pairing. It's worth the price tag and the opportunity to truly engage with your group of friends or family.