about me

I’ve always had a thirst for adventure. 

Whether it was moving across the country to Nashville at 22 years old, or throwing caution to the wind to start a country music blog six years ago, excitement and possibility have consistently been a driving force in my life. 

My journey has taken me from California to New York and back again. I’ve learned epic lessons along the way that have taught me so much about life, love, and self acceptance. My stint as a music blogger helped me rediscover my passion for words. My job as a marketer reminds me to always think on my feet and never be afraid to try something new.

New York taught me that dreams only become a reality when you release the ties that bind you to the doubts of your past. And that’s what Autumn in New York is about. 

Living life unapologetically. The sounds, the eats, the adventures, and the streets of a beautiful and unapologetic life.

Wander with me.

xo — Autumn